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RDS Delivery Service
436 E. 11th St.
New York, NY 10009
Phone: (212) 260-5800
Fax: (212) 260-1090

NYC's #1 Uniformed Messenger Service - RDS Delivery

Messenger and Courier Service Serving the New York Metropolitan and Tri-State Area for Over 35 Years.

Guaranteed 1 to 2 hours rush deliveries for your Urgent packages! You can expect professional deliveries by our Uniformed and Professional Messengers.

We offer Cost Effective Regularly Scheduled Deliveries throughout New York City’s 5 Boroughs and Beyond. RDS has Uniformed Messengers and a fleet of Truck and Vans to meet all of your delivery and courier needs.

At RDS, we are poised to serve you with a wide range of services that will fit your budget and your business needs.

You will enjoy working with our professional staff, uniformed and courteous messengers, and choices such as rush and standard deliveries of your documents and packages, our pick and pack service, as well as o ur temporary staffing for special projects, mail room management and our sophisticated document storage and retrieval service. All of our services are backed by a dedicated customer service team and the support of the latest in industry technology.

Advanced On-Line Ordering and Tracking Technology

Ordering a Messenger Couldn't be Quicker or Easier

With RDS Delivery Service’s On-line Ordering system, you can place an order for an RDS Messenger in seconds. Download the RDS Delivery desktop icon, and enjoy One-Click access to place an order and manage your account. You will never have to remember your user name and password.

The Latest Technology Safeguards Your Package

As an industry leader, RDS Delivery Service has integrated the latest technology with innovative software and tracking systems to provide every advantage in maintaining the best on-time delivery rate of 98.7% in NYC.

Our easily recognizable Uniformed Delivery Staff carries the latest in Advanced Package Tracking Technology, giving our dispatch the power to pinpoint exactly where your package is at any given moment, and giving you peace of mind. Once your package is delivered, we send you an Automatic Proof of Delivery email with the recipient's signature, so you know whose hands your package is in at all times.

Affordable Rates with Customizable Invoicing

RDS Delivery has custom services and invoicing options that can save you money. Click on Get a Quick Quote or Contact an RDS Delivery service representative directly to see how! With our automated invoicing system, we can sort your delivery services by your alpha or numeric codes, client references or your own internal billing codes, so you can keep track of expenses.

RDS Delivery Practices High Ethical and Professional Standards

As a Family Owned business with over 60 years of management experience, we strive to serve our customers and our community. RDS Delivery has been recognized and awarded by New York City and State for our hiring practices. A lower employee turnover rate for us translates into a higher caliber of service for you, from employees that enjoy and respect their positions.

RDS Delivery Service - NY's #1 Uniformed Messenger Service

Best Thing in Delivery Yet
Aug 19, 2012
5/5 stars

Quotation MarksHonestly, I love this new service you have provided for your clients. It's great, quick, accurate, absolutely fabulous. I do not have to be put on hold when I call in for a pick-up. I type it and it\'s out of my hands into yours. The messenger's come in, pick up the package and it's delivered as soon as possible to our clients. It's the best thing in delivery service yet. Thank you for making it easier and quicker RDS Delivery. Keep up the great work.

Quotation Marks

RDS Delivery Service      436 East 11th St.   New York, NY 10009 USA     Phone: 212-260-5800     Email:     Fax: 212-260-1090