We Are Proud of Our Accolades!

Over 20 Awards, Recognition & Honors from City, State & Government Officials!

Small Business Hero of the Year

Honoring those who went above & beyond during the pandemic. The award recognized Larry’s idea to turn One Random Act of Kindness into a movement that has provided more than 350,000 meals to grateful recipients.

-Thomas J. Grech, President & CEO, Queens Chamber of Commerce

Disability Employment Awareness Month

For the commitment to supporting environments and workplace policies that recognize the input, the value, and the skills of all New Yorkers with any disability.

-Kathy Hochul, Governor of the State of the State of New York

Queens Chamber Small Business Hero Award

“One who has given selflessly and tirelessly to the State of New York and has served the state and his community with loyalty and dedication”

-Senator Joseph P. Adabbo Jr. New York Senate

Citation of Honor

“We have an outstanding leader, worthy of the esteem of the community, the Borough of Queens, and the City of New York.”

-Donovan Richards Jr, President of the Borough of Queens

Citation, Brooklyn Borough Council

In recognition, for enriching the lives of the residents, which helps to make Brooklyn a better place to live, work and raise a family.

-Marty Markowitz, President of the Borough of Brooklyn

New York State Employer Recognition Award

“In recognition of your outstanding commitment to providing integrated employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in your community.”

-George E. Pataki, Governor of the State of New York

City Council Citation

For helping to make the community a better place to live through work-related groups/organizations and willingness to share skills as a magician in hospitals and at charitable events.

-Eric Ulrich, New York City Council Member

Employer Recognition Award

For Commitment to the promotion of employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

– Presented by Access-VR and the New York City Placement Consortium

Employer Sensitivity Award

For your distinguished leadership and commitment in providing employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

-Donna A. Santarsiero. Executive Director, Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service

Employer Longevity Award

For long-term commitment to promoting employment opportunities for those with disabilities.

-Presented by Acces-VR and the New York City Placement Consortium.

The DeWitt Stern Local Hero Award

Exemplary Dedication, and service to New York City’s not-for-profit theater community.

-The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York and DeWitt Stern.

Certification of Appreciation

Recognized for outstanding support and contribution in making the Urban Center for the Developmentally Disabled’s consumers successful.

-Urban Resource Institute

Distinguished Partner in Industry Award

For outstanding leadership and commitment in providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

-Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service

New York State Messenger & Courier Association Award

In recognition of his dedication & faithful support to the organization.

– New York Messenger & Courier Association.

Small Business Recognition Award

For continued employment opportunities in the community.

– New York State Rehabilitation Association, Inc.

Distinguished Honoree

For leadership, commitment, and ongoing support in providing opportunities and visibility, enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities.

– Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service

New York’s Top Entrepreneurs Awards

Recognized for diversifying RDS’ workforce.

– Crain’s New York Business

Employee Recognition Award

For hiring qualified people with disabilities

– Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service.

Business Partnership Award

For fostering outstanding workplace diversity and creating meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

– Mark O’Donoghue. President, Fedcap Board of Directors.

Certificate of Appreciation

Recognition of valuable contributions to The Chelton Loft, which helps men and women coping with serious mental illness receive help and training and develop a sense of community.

-The Chelton Loft

Certificate of Appreciation

For commitment, dedication, and continued support of CVCS employment program.

-CVCS Career Network

Employer Distinction Award

In gratitude for their exceptional effort to bring disabled workers into the mainstream of the world of work.

-Metropolitan New York Chapter, National Rehabilitation Association.

Honored as a finalist in New York Enterprise Reports Small Business Best Practice Awards in Human Resources.

Vocational Services Circles of Support Award

The New York Clubhouse Coalition honors RDS Delivery Service in recognition to contributions creating quality employment opportunities for the members of the Harlem Bay Network.

Express Carriers Association: Certificate of Membership

New York State Employer Appreciation Certificate awarded to RDS Delivery Service to acknowledge assistance in providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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