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Happy Birthday to Us!

RDS Reflects on Years of Hard Work

Is there anything better than celebrating a birthday? We don’t think so! Birthdays signify another year gone by and remind us of all the good that has happened in the previous 12 months. This past year, we’ve had some exciting changes happen—which is why we’d like to take July to recognize our birthday and reflect on all the improvements we’ve made as a company over the years.

The way we look at it every July is a milestone for us here at RDS! Since 1973, we’ve remained a family-owned business that has grown from a small specialized radiology delivery company to the No. 1 courier service in the tri-state area. We’ve come a long way from only transporting medical records to doctors’ offices! We’re proud that we now offer a wide range of services in addition to our messenger skills. Of course, to get where we are today, we’ve had to work very hard and change with the times. But as we think about our progress, we feel there are a great many reasons why we’ve catapulted to the top of our industry.

The RDS brand before (left) and today

So, in total David Letterman fashion—here are RDS’s Top 10 Milestones that have led us to where we are today—celebrating yet another birthday!

RDS Top 10 Milestones

  1. Our first owner, Mitchell Zogby, purchased RDS Delivery in 1973.
  2. Our current president, Larry Zogby and his brother David purchased the business from their father in July 1986.
  3. We upgraded from a paper and pen manual system to a streamlined computerized system.
  4. We rebranded in 2016 and wrapped our fleets with a colorful, new logo.
  5. To build on our rebrand, we introduced eye-catching green branded uniforms—which made us the most recognizable courier service on the streets of New York.
  6. Our company introduced barcode technology. Today, packages are always accounted for and customers can take advantage of real-time tracking of deliveries.
  7. We created an online portal that assists everyone through the entire supply chain.
  8. We integrated GPS tracking and photo IDs for all of our drivers.
  9. Our company moved locations in early 2019—finding a new home in Long Island City. We now have a more centralized location with easier access to roadways and clients.
  10. Our company has grown from about 10 employees to 130. We always use the highest quality of recruitment and training so we employ the most qualified workers in the business.

On Our Birthday, We Celebrate Our Clients & Team

As we look back on our pathway to success, we realize we couldn’t have accomplished all of this without our incredibly loyal clients. We treasure the relationships and business partnerships we’ve fostered over the years. So, let us give you a resounding THANK YOU! And as the years roll on, we hope you’ll continue to utilize RDS as we vow to continue providing the very best messenger service to you and all of our customers. Call us today at 212.260.5800 or visit us online for a free quote!

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