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Need Holiday Gifts Delivered? We’re the Complete Package!

It’s that time of year again. You’re making a list and checking it twice. From your valued employees to your trusted clients, you want to make sure no one is left out at holiday gift-giving time. You also want to make sure your gifts are treated with care and delivered on time. So, if you need holiday gifts delivered, we’re the complete package!

Well, we’re here to remind you that RDS can deliver the goods—literally! You can be confident that we’ll handle your packages properly. We have experience delivering candy, cookies, meals, fragile items, and more! If you need to store your gifts before the holidays, we also have the warehouse space to handle that. When it’s time for your holiday gifts to be delivered, you can choose several options, including our foot couriers, vans, and trucks.

holiday gifts delivery

At RDS, we use the latest technology to travel the fastest, most direct routes. Our system also allows you to track your packages from the moment you order them to the moment they’re delivered.

Of course, we prefer to have some advanced notice on your order. But, we’re ready to handle those last-minute requests, too. We offer same-day or weekend delivery if you need your holiday gifts delivered! 

same day delivery

We Make It Our Business to Give Back to the Community!

Recently, members of the local business community got together to explore how businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations can make a positive impact in their communities through philanthropy. RDS Owner Larry Zogby, who has been involved in numerous philanthropic and collaborative efforts, attended.

The event was hosted by the Long Island City Partnership and the discussion was robust and inspiring.

“There were a lot of takeaways,” Zogby said. “Philanthropy isn’t just about writing a check to your favorite non-profit. It’s also about using the resources your business has to directly help others and to improve your community.”

rds same day delivery

For example, RDS often uses its courier services, logistics or warehousing capabilities to help non-profits. Based on the specific needs and goals of each organization, the options RDS uses can vary.

“From my perspective, there is more impact and value in sharing your services with others instead of just writing a check,” Zogby said. “It also allows your employees to get involved and lend a hand. It gives our whole team a good feeling of helping and giving back.”

Are you a local business owner who would like to pick Larry’s brain about how your company can get more involved in philanthropic efforts? Schedule your visit to RDS headquarters today! 

holiday gifts delivery

We’ve Reached 100,000 Meal Deliveries!

Another important part of collaborative philanthropy is to continue your efforts for as long as you can when people still need help. Along with more than a half dozen partners, we’ve been doing that for residents of Queensbridge Houses, a Queens public housing development that is home to roughly 7,000 people.

This effort began about a year ago and has already served more than 100,000 meals to residents of Queensbridge. It allows them to use their money for other important items, such as transportation, medication and children’s school supplies.

Others involved with the effort are: the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Long Island City Partnership, Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement, Rethink Food, Zero-Emission Vending Vehicles and Eleven Madison Park. 

Shining Our Employee Spotlight on Ana

We love introducing members of our team to all of you. This month, we’re focusing our Employee Spotlight on Ana Karen Bracamontes, one of our amazing customer service representatives.

Here’s what Ana had to say about working at RDS:

What makes RDS the “complete package” for you?

I love how everyone on the team just makes you feel welcome. I was greeted and helped by everyone from Day One, even when we hadn’t formally met. I feel like I am valued and seen. I’ve now been working with RDS for almost 3 months and I couldn’t be happier.

How does RDS “deliver the goods” to make your life easier or fun at work? 

They provide you with all the tools you need and everyone is available at any time to help you out.

How do you “deliver the goods” to make RDS’ customers happy?

I try my best to make sure the customer knows I’m happy to help them whether it’s to place an order or to track their order.

When you’re not at work, what “transports” and fulfills you?

I enjoy working out. I do Crossfit every morning before work. I am a vegan and love to travel, read and spend time with my family, partner, my 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Interested in joining our great team? Click the link below to explore our job openings!

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