It’s No Secret, We Love Trading Secrets!

It’s no secret, we love trading secrets! At RDS, we love sharing ideas with our clients that will help them better serve their clients. Here’s an example: Recently, Josh from 101 Solutions stopped by our Long Island City headquarters to talk logistics with Justin Moshensky, our business development manager.

Josh was able to pick Justin’s brain about a number of things, including best practices for logistics, storage, pick & pack, appointment scheduling, and deliveries. Nothing makes us happier than sharing our experience with our clients. This collaborative approach is what makes us all better at our jobs.

It works both ways, too. We also love when our clients share information with us that allows us to be better at our jobs—tailoring our services specifically for the needs of their customers.  

How about you? Would you like to schedule your Meet & Greet with owner Larry Zogby, Justin or another member of our team? You can learn about those meetings here.

And you can schedule your Meet & Greet here.

Motivational Speaker Inspires Even More Members of Our Team

In April, we hosted an in-person event with highly respected motivational speaker Jack Daly. We found him so inspirational that we brought him back recently for a virtual session with members of our team who couldn’t attend the April event.

Here’s what members of our team had to say about working with Jack:

“Mind-opening opportunity that changed my perspective of sales and life in general.” —Sofia di Lello

“Every goal is achievable. It doesn’t matter how big it is. We just need a measurable action plan that can be divided into small pieces. The best salesperson is the one that tries to solve the customer’s problem understanding their needs and showing empathy through the process.” —Ana Jara

“Follow your passion and never give up. You don’t get good by playing. You get good by practice and always having in mind to never approach something without a purpose.” —Gabriela Palacios

“Don’t wing it! Regardless of whether it’s for your personal or your professional life, incorporating systems and processes allows us to be consistent in our approach to achieve success.” —Justin Moshensky

“My two takeaways would be: 1) Always love what you do because, that way, you will apply yourself fully and 2) Preparation is important for success.” —Leah Soo Ting

“My takeaway from the Jack Daly event was specifically one quote: ‘Never give up.’ Make up a plan, find out what your goals are, set up a timeline and do what you say you’re going to do.”—Diana Cruz

At RDS, we know we have the systems and processes in place to provide our customers with the best logistic services around. You can learn more about why you should choose us here.

We’re Shining Our Employee Spotlight Gabriela

We love introducing members of our team to all of you. This month, we’re focusing our Employee Spotlight on Gabriela Palacios, Social Media Manager.

Here’s what Gabriela had to say about working at RDS:

What makes RDS the “complete package” for you?

I feel lucky to be part of RDS because it’s a great place to work! Communication is key and that is how we have accomplished many things. I have learned not to be scared to make mistakes because you learn by practice. I’ve also learned to share ideas, be creative and enjoy what I’m doing because it makes everything so fulfilling.

How does RDS “deliver the goods” to make your life easier or fun at work?

RDS cares a lot about the people in the company. They always make sure you feel comfortable, have everything you need so you can accomplish your job duties properly and have fun in the process.

How do you “deliver the goods” to make RDS’ customers happy?

My role is to share stories on social media, not only about selling a product or service, but also about what happens behind the scenes and what matters to RDS—which is its employees and how much they care about their customers. It’s a great place to work and have fun.

When you’re not at work, what “transports” and fulfills you?

I have the advantage of living in a small country where everything is nearby, which allows me to go to the beach very often and enjoy the beautiful sunsets in El Salvador. I also enjoy taking photographs and sharing different stories. Keeping myself healthy is another goal of mine. I like working out, which helps me destress and clear my head.

What about you? Do you want to work for a great company that truly cares about its employees? Check out our job opportunities here.

We’re Never Camera Shy—Snap Away!

When you have a great brand, people gravitate toward it. They feel inspired by it. They want to be connected to it. What other reason is there for random strangers to stop our uniformed couriers on the streets of New York City and eagerly ask to pose for pictures with them? Or for other fans of our brand to snap selfies with our amazing vans in the background?

How do we know this is happening? Well, we’ve received tons of pictures from people who have done exactly this. So, now we’re encouraging you to do the same! The next time you see one of our uniformed couriers or branded vans out and about, grab your cell phone camera and join the fun!

Once you’ve snapped your photo, we’d love it if you would share it on social media, especially your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #rdsonthemove so we can enjoy your photo, too!

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