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June Makes for Happy Relationships

… Personal and Business!

June is a month that traditionally makes people happy. And there are plenty of reasons behind all of those contagious smiles. Along with the warmer temperatures, June brings important observances and celebrations, including Flag Day, Father’s Day and the summer solstice, which kicks off the official start of summer.

Named after the Greek goddess, Juno, June is also considered a month of love and relationships. And that got us thinking about our client relationships here at RDS. Over the years, our communication styles with our clients have changed due to improvements in technology and changes in business. We do our best to balance our relationships, technology and communication styles so our clients always receive the very best service from us. We feel this balance is the only way to maintain our customers’ trust and bring smiles to their faces—not just in June—but all year through.

Our Balancing Act

In today’s competitive market, RDS Same Day Delivery is committed to being the best delivery service in the tri-state area. Here are just some of the ways we do it:

The RDS Relationship Difference

One way we maintain and improve our relationships with customers is through frequent meet and greets with our clients. We value the one-on-one interaction with the people we serve and always look forward to these scheduled chats with our clients. They allow us to build relationships, explore newbusiness opportunities and, most importantly, thank our clients for their trust and confidence in our services.

Our customer portal allows customers to quickly place orders, track shipments, make online payments and more. Check it out today!

Our Technology Tactics

Thanks to today’s improved technology our delivery process is as streamlined as possible. We have tapped into some of the most current breakthroughs in technology to help our clients’ deliveries arrive quickly and safely. Some measures we use to provide our customers with efficient, reliable, affordable service include:

  • Mobile App. Download our HyperShip app for free and schedule your order and delivery. Then track it from any location.
  • Customer Portal. With our customer portal, RDS makes it easy to manage all aspects of your delivery service from one place. Place orders, track capabilities, make online payments, gain quick access to accounting-related reports, speed up your order process, create a customized profile, meet real-time reference validations and maintain full control over your account!
  • Desktop Icon. Get instant, speedy access to our customer portal with one click on your desktop.
  • GPS Tracking. Use our GPS tracking and get real-time status updates 24/7 on all of your shipments through every stage.
  • Custom Invoicing. Staying organized is easy with custom invoicing. Keep track of statements with our user-friendly system.

Our Communication Path

Relationships don’t work without shared communication. For this reason, we encourage open dialogue with our clients in every way that we can. While we still rely on technology to assist in our deliveries, we always find time to add those special, personalized touches. Little things like photos of your courier for easy recognition, text messages with timely updates and live operators answering our phones are what keep our client communication open, fruitful and safe. It’s also what makes us the No. 1 trusted same day delivery service in the tri-state area.

Partner With Us!

Now that you know some of our secrets to successful business relationships, let’s work together! Call RDS Same Day Delivery today at 212.260.5800 for all of your messenger service needs! At RDS, we make every second count!

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