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RDS to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Our Success Is Due to Our Amazing Team!

Here at RDS, we run a tight ship. This disciplined approach is what makes us the No. 1 messenger service in all of New York City. Of course, we couldn’t function as smoothly and efficiently as we do without our team of amazing employees. Each member of RDS is critical to our success. From our customer service reps to our couriers and drivers, each and every person is a valuable piece to the whole RDS puzzle.

So, there no is better time than right now to express our appreciation for the entire team! That’s right. March 1 has been designated Employee Appreciation Day in the United States and that’s exactly what we plan to do in the upcoming month—appreciate our employees!

Show Your Employees Some Gratitude This March

What about your team? Do you have a talented group of worker bees that deserve your appreciation in the upcoming weeks? If so, show them how grateful you are. After, all, it’s the little things that mean the most. At RDS, we have our own special plans to show our team the love and gratitude we have for them. But if you need some tips for your own staff, here are 10 great ideas!

1. Celebrate birthdays. Recognizing staffers’ birthdays makes them feel special. Plus, it shows you care. Bring in a cake or sign a card. Your employees will love it.

2. Send thank you notes.
Contrary to what people think, writing thank you notes is not dead. If your worker has done a great job, thank the deserving person in writing.

3. Buy food. Everyone loves to snack! Order bagels and coffee for breakfast or share pizza for lunch.

4. Give rewards. Reward your staff based on their interests—free coffee, doughnuts, gift cards, etc.

5. Create an Employee of the Month program. Post photos on a company wall that spotlight a hardworking employee each month.

6. Schedule a happy hour. Socializing with co-workers lets everyone relax and helps foster camaraderie.

7. Honor employee anniversary dates. Employees like to be recognized— especially when it revolves around how long they’ve been at a company. Announce anniversary dates when employees reach them.

8. Speak the truth! Tell your co-workers you appreciate them. It’s as simple as that.

9. Start a suggestion box. By adding a suggestion box, you will create a more inviting environment. Folks can anonymously offer their opinions.

10. Break out. Create a welcoming breakroom for your employees!

RDS Is the Quickest Courier Service in NYC

Once you’ve finished showing your appreciation for your worker bees, there will still be important deliveries to make. And RDS Same Day Delivery is only a phone call away when you need them! For the fastest couriers in the Big Apple, contact us today. In a hurry? No problem. Visit us online for a quick quote!

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