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The Real Story Behind the Success of RDS

A Happy Workplace for Employees is the Key

The defining success behind any good company can be traced back to one common asset—exceptional employees. Without a hard-working, loyal team, no business is going to thrive. But when you give your dedicated employees what they deserve, they will reward you in ways you’ve never thought possible. And your business will bloom!

We credit the people behind the scenes for the growth we have accomplished and the customer relationships we have developed at RDS Same Day Delivery. We believe a cohesive brand and a fun and comfortable work environment are instrumental to this success.

Before we moved in early February to our new location, we thought long and hard about the winning formula for an awesome workspace. We wanted to retain the spirit of camaraderie we felt in our old space and transfer it to our new headquarters—all while ensuring the new physical space infused great energy and culture.

Great news—this recipe for success is working! Our new digs are colorful, bright and spacious, and our management is encouraging and fun. The investment we’ve made into infusing the RDS brand into our new physical surroundings has truly sparked:

  • Energy
  • Culture
  • Fun
  • Production
  • Collaboration
  • Gratitude
  • Sense of pride
  • Appreciation

We are grateful for the fine group of hard-working, appreciative, happy employees who broaden our mission and satisfy our clients with their commitment, dedication and smiling faces.

You Can Call RDS Home, Too

If it sounds like our culture would be a good fit for you, check out our career opportunities. We are always hiring exceptional people to add to our already amazing team.

We Can Boost Your Business, Too!

It’s a no-brainer that we want our employees to be happy. But it is equally important to us that we please our clients, too—both current and new. So, if you’re curious about what RDS Same Day Delivery can do for you, we encourage you to schedule a quick trip to Long Island City and see for yourself! That’s right! Come visit our staff, tour our new warehouse facility and office area, chat with our representatives and ask questions about how we can help improve your business. We are so much more than a delivery service and can help with everything from facilities management and storage retrieval to specialized delivery, fulfillment and more.

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