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Spring Forward Into Savings!

RDS Stretches Your Dollar When You Plan Ahead

It’s already March and hints of spring are starting to fill the air. With this month comes a multitude of seasonal reminders, including St. Patrick’s Day! But it’s not just those little leprechauns who will be rocking the green this month. At RDS Same Delivery Service, we have a few ideas for saving you money so you’ll be seeing more green in your wallet.

Save for a Rainy Day

Everyone needs a rainy day fund, right? Why should your business be any different? Planning ahead doesn’t just keep you organized; it also can save you money—at least in the messenger business. If you require regular weekly deliveries, let us preschedule your service and help you build up that rainy day fund.

Break Free From Old Habits

If you think about it, most people do daily things in life out of routine. They buy the same brands, go to the same hair stylist, take their car to the same mechanic, etc. These aren’t bad habits, but would you change your routine if you could save money? Of course you would! And since RDS is all about satisfying customers, we are going to let you in on some savings secrets.

Many clients call us on a daily basis to schedule the exact same job. Rather than making that daily call, RDS can save you money if you plan those deliveries in advance. Since we have hundreds of prescheduled routines that we attend to daily, preplanning your deliveries is more efficient for our couriers. They can save time by doing multiple deliveries in one trip to the same area. In the end, recurring routes will save you money and allow us to better plan our workforce. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Multiple Packages? That’s Twice as Nice!

Wondering if we can pick up multiple packages at one time? You bet! While we don’t mind traveling to your office more than once for multiple orders, we can actually save you time and money by scheduling a building “sweep time” to pick up multiple packages. For those packages that might not be considered “urgent,” simply preschedule a “sweep time” for your building with RDS Same Day Service. It’s that simple!

You’ll Be Seeing Green With Our “End of Day” Bonus

As we promised earlier, we aim to save you money. So if you’re looking to get rewarded for your smart new scheduling methods, you can! Order next day’s jobs before you leave the office for the night and we’ll show you our appreciation with a discount off your deliveries.

Technology Has Its Perks, Too

Don’t forget— RDS Same Day Delivery has the latest technology available right at your fingertips. Both our mobile app and our customer portal are designed to help ease your planning and save you time. When you’re on the go, our mobile app (HyperShip) allows you to plan and track your orders from wherever you are, while our customer portal keeps everything you manage in one secure place.

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