Tolling Plan Tolling Plan Would Shutter Businesses

Tolling Plan Would Shutter Businesses

Tolling Plan Would Shutter Businesses, Cut Jobs, RDS Owner Says. He recently voiced his opposition to a controversial tolling plan for the Central Business District in New York. The plan, which is designed to ease congestion and raise money for public transportation, would adversely impact local delivery services and other small businesses making critical trips in and out of the city, Zogby said during a hearing before state and local transportation officials.

Tolling Plan Would Shutter Businesses

“During the pandemic, it’s not an exaggeration to say delivery workers kept our city running,” Zogby said. He questioned the logic of punishing essential workers and businesses that keep the city vibrant and successful.

If the plan is approved, Zogby said, “More small businesses will shutter and we will lose more jobs.”

He pointed out that many of these deliveries involve critical goods, such as medications, lab results, specimens, medical equipment, groceries, meals, and critical parts.

Zogby told the panel that civic and business leaders have a moral responsibility to develop better solutions that don’t punish small businesses, especially those companies that kept NYC afloat during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Zogby also took part in a separate meeting in which logistics industry leaders discussed the impact of the plan. If you would like a one-on-one meeting with Larry to discuss this topic or others, you can schedule your visit today.

We’re Always on the Hunt for Exceptional New Employees!

job fair for small businesses

We’re always looking for the best of the best to join our outstanding team at RDS. Recently, we took part in a job fair, “Fall Into Work,” hosted by America Works for New York. 10 employers took part, including RDS.

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We had an amazing representative on hand: Melissa Bekka, our human resources coordinator!

Melissa even had her own space and desk to interview potential job candidates. Thanks, America Works for New York, for being a great job fair organizer!

We love participating in job fairs and finding great people to join our team. But you don’t have to attend a job fair to get our attention. Check out our job opportunities here.

Shining Our Employee Spotlight on Carmen

We love introducing members of our team to all of you. This month, we’re focusing our Employee Spotlight on Carmen Irene Perez, our customer support agent extraordinaire.

Here’s what Carmen had to say about working at RDS:

What makes RDS the “complete package” for you?
The ethical environment that includes everyone in the company, no matter their heritage, background, orientation, appearance, etc. RDS accepts us as we are with our learning processes and cares about our work-life balance.

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How does RDS “deliver the goods” to make your life easier or fun at work? 
The easy-going and open-minded culture.

How does RDS “deliver the goods” to make your life easier or fun at work? 
The easy-going and open-minded culture.

How do you “deliver the goods” to make RDS’ customers happy?
Helping them in every way I can with respect and honesty.

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When you’re not at work, what “transports” and fulfills you?
I am a tattoo artist; this is my hobby and passion. I enjoy turning people’s ideas into beautiful memories of their experiences. Also, I love eating vegetarian food and hanging out with my friends, family, and partner.

You can see more pictures of the amazing team here.

A Trip to the Chocolate Shop—aka Heaven

chocolate delivery for businesses

RDS Owner Larry Zogby loves inviting fellow business owners and others to RDS headquarters for Meet & Greet sessions.

Recently, the tables were turned—in a rather delicious way—when Rachel Kellner, co-owner of Aigner Chocolates, invited Larry to a behind-the-scenes visit to her shop.

chocolate delivery for businesses

Yum! Yum! Aigner Chocolates was founded in 1930 and is one of the oldest chocolate shops in New York City. All of the chocolate is hand-made using antique equipment and recipes passed down over generations.

chocolate delivery for businesses

If you’re a business owner like Larry, there’s another reason you should add Aigner to your contacts list—especially as the holidays approach. 

chocolate delivery for businesses

Many businesses struggle with choosing the perfect gift of appreciation to send to clients and employees. Well, what could be a better gift than Aigner chocolate? You can check out the details here.

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