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rds-email-clda.jpgLet’s face it. It’s a common belief that business conventions are glorified vacations for corporate big wigs. But the reality is that a well-planned and well-run event allows companies to learn about the latest industry trends. As a result, businesses can provide their customers with the best products, services and technologies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important than ever for industry leaders to share their challenges and success stories. That’s why RDS owner Larry Zogby was thrilled to attend the three-day Final Mile Forum Expo at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in June. The theme of the event was: Beating the Odds. Getting Back to Business. It was the first convention for the logistics industry since the start of the pandemic and it drew more than 400 attendees from across the country.

Zogby has been a member of the Customized Logistics Delivery Association (CLDA) for more than 20 years. He served on the CLDA board for six years and, as the education chair, he has helped plan the programming for hundreds of convention attendees over the years. So he truly understands the value of great topics and discussions at conventions.

“I learn so much,” Zogby said. “I love attending the sessions and spending time with all of the vendors to discover what new technology is out there. Equally important is learning about the constantly changing federal and state laws and how they impact our industry. Being aware (or not aware) of these rules and regulations can make or break a business.”

For Zogby, the best part of attending conventions is coming home to share everything he’s learned with his team.

“I get so fired up,” Zogby said. “I leave the convention feeling energized and excited to motivate my team and to put what I’ve learned into action. Things I learn at conventions help us remain the best in the business for our customers.”

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Meet Jenna—Our Dynamic Dispatch Manager!

When you meet Jenna Romero, whether it’s on the phone or in person, it’s hard not to fall in love with her can-do attitude and passion for life.

Jenna has been a part of the RDS family since 2004, when, at the age of 18, she was hired as a customer service representative. Since then, she’s worked in nearly every department and now holds the critical role of dispatch manager.


Asked what she likes most about working at RDS, Jenna quickly answers: “Being a BOSS!” And then she laughs. Actually, she says she absolutely loves being a woman in an industry that is typically dominated by men because she is helping to destroy stereotypes and “change the game.”

Jenna says she’s grateful to RDS owner Larry Zogby for mentoring her through the years.

“He’s taught me a lot in work and in life,” Jenna says.

Jenna, who grew up on the Lower East Side, now lives in the Bronx with her husband and their daughter Sabrielle, who turns 8 this month. Her daughter’s name is a combination of her two sisters’ names: Sable and Ariel.

She admits it can be challenging balancing the demands of motherhood and her job, which requires her to be at RDS by 7 a.m. sharp to make sure the vehicles, drivers and everything else is in place for a smooth day of deliveries.

“Being a mom will always come first,” Jenna says, “but I always make sure to find a balance between making sure everything runs according to plan at work and taking care of my baby girl.”

In addition to being a great mom and successful career woman, Jenna says she’s also proud of working hard recently to lose 85 pounds … and counting.

She says she was slightly overweight when she was hired at RDS and, over the years, a sedentary job, pregnancy and motherhood made it even more challenging to lose weight. But she has found a weight-loss routine that works for her and is determined to hit her goal.

“My little girl is watching and I want to get there,” she says.

She says Zogby and her co-workers at RDS have been extremely supportive of her efforts. But they still took some time out in July to celebrate Jenna’s birthday with a cake!

Given her track record, we’re confident Jenna will succeed with her weight-loss goal—and whatever she chooses to tackle next. Would you like to join the RDS team and work with amazing people like Jenna? Find out about our job opportunities here.

It’s Another Successful Wrap!

When you see our vehicles on the streets of New York City and nearby communities, we want you to think: “Wow! This company pays attention to every little detail, including the classy branding and cleanliness of its vehicles. Its services must be outstanding!”

That’s right! Working with our friends at KickCharge Creative, we went through great pains several years ago to make sure our branding showcased us as the best in the business. Now, as our fleet grows, we make sure that every vehicle is painstakingly and professionally wrapped in our beautiful brand and lovingly cared for to maintain that wow-worthy look.

We thought you might enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos of another one of our vehicles getting “dressed up” before it hits the streets!

Have you seen our amazing vehicles around town? If you do, make sure to snap a photo, share it on social media and tag RDS!

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Our Team LOVES Helping Your Team!

rds-team-help.jpgWe enjoy providing you with behind-the-scenes glimpses of our amazing team in action. It’s one of the best ways for us to show you that everything we do is part of a coordinated team effort designed with you—our outstanding customers—in mind.

Can you see it on our faces? We love playing a key role in keeping you and your business moving in the right direction.

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