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White-Glove Service Customizes Delivery Solutions

We Handle the Details—So You Don’t Have To

Magician extraordinaire David Copperfield always has something exciting up his sleeve. Outside of his work, DavidWhite-Glove Service, Customized Delivery Solutions - RDS Same Day Delivery NYC is an avid collector of antiques and arcade games. Recently, he commissioned restoration artisan Larry Camp to restore an Uncle Sam figure in NYC. Larry’s work resulted in a remarkable piece that’s now a high-value item in David’s collection. When this item needed to be shipped from New York to Las Vegas, David called the team he’s trusted with his logistical needs for the past 18 years: RDS Same Day Delivery.

This project called for customized white-glove service. Our logistical experts measured the antique and built a custom, solid wooden crate specifically for the piece. We then prepared the crate with special foam and padding to ensure Uncle Sam’s safe arrival.

After careful logistics, planning and communication, Uncle Sam arrived in Las Vegas fully intact. It was another job-well-done for David Copperfield—and an exciting project for us!

Here’s what David had to say about us:

“I’ve been relying on RDS Same Day Delivery to manage all of my important delivery and logistical needs for over 18 years. I always know I can count on RDS to appear on time.”

RDS Is at Your Service

Delivery is never black and white. One company’s delivery needs can be entirely different from another’s. To ensure a positive outcome for your business, you need delivery service in NYC that’s catered entirely to your needs.White-Glove Service, Customized Delivery Solutions - RDS Same Day Delivery NYC

This is when you can benefit from white-glove service. Whether you have specific assembly instructions or special handling needs, RDS will manage the little things that affect your business in a big way.

Delivery needs vary based on a number of factors such as industry, client base, special handling, logistics, insurance, vehicle types and much more. With so much to consider, it’s important to find a delivery team that can cover all the details.

White-glove service is especially beneficial if:

  • You have fragile, high-value items to ship (such as antiques).
  • Your delivery is very time-sensitive.
  • Your merchandise is climate-sensitive.
  • Your shipment needs to be assembled.
  • Your shipment needs to be delivered to a specific room.

We’re here to benefit your business however we can. Contact us to learn more about our white-glove service and what we can do to streamline your operations.

Why Clients Choose Us for Their Important Deliveries

Our goal is to give your business a competitive edge with reliable, customized delivery solutions. Clients choose RDS because we:

  • Employ the fastest couriers—we have New York City’s highest on-time delivery rate of 98.7 percent!
  • Streamline your ordering process with our advanced technology. We can create an API where our systems automatically communicate with each other to ensure efficiency.
  • Maintain a full vehicle fleet. We equip all of our vehicles with GPS and our couriers have GPS-enabled smartphones.
  • Make it easier than ever to place orders through our online portal. With your RDS account, you’ll have access to customized billing, a personalized address book, real-time package tracking and more.

Schedule White-Glove Service With RDS

Your business deserves much more than a cookie-cutter approach. Just like David Copperfield did, simply tell us what you need to make your delivery a success—and RDS will make it happen with our trusted messenger service in NYC.

Request a quote for your white-glove delivery service today and explore our other specialized delivery solutions. To speak with a representative, call RDS Same Day Delivery at 212.260.5800 or contact us online today.

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