Our History: NYC Messenger Service Since 1986

The Story Behind RDS Same Day Delivery

New York City is often referred to as The City of Dreams. But, in 1986, as the city continued to move ahead and grow, local delivery companies were falling behind.

When time was tight, courier companies couldn’t provide both accuracy and speed. Despite everything that the city offered, it lacked a messenger service that thrived in urgent situations.

Specializing in time-critical medical deliveries, the company quickly grew to become NYC’s most trusted delivery company. In a constant race against time, RDS Same Day Delivery continued to win for its customers.

Today, the company maintains the same values that it held years ago. Although the courier industry has changed tremendously, our company continues to adopt the latest technology and practices for our clients’ benefit. Expanding our reach, we now serve a wide range of industries, from retail and fashion to advertising and medical.

Proud to Serve as An Industry Leader

RDS Same Day Delivery is honored to provide not only a service, but an experience. Our expertise, commitment and integrity all work hand in hand to provide a positive experience for our customers and employees.

Over time, RDS Same Day Delivery has become a leader in the messenger industry. Television, radio and cable personalities reach out to our management and staff for professional input, endorsements and industry insight. It has been a privilege to represent our field and remain a courier company that businesses can trust.

Giving Back to Our Community

We are truly thankful for the community that has helped us grow. Inspired by the ambition and perseverance of New York City businesses, we are passionate about giving back to our community.

For years, we have proudly volunteered alongside local and national groups that help build a better world for the disabled. In 2000, RDS Same Day Delivery was presented with a Recognition Award from New York State’s Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID). We were also proud recipients of the Crain’s Small Business Award, a distinction that recognizes companies for demonstrating social responsibility. Employing more than 50 outstanding individuals with various disabilities, we are honored to foster a collaborative and welcoming environment for all.

Partner with RDS Same Day Delivery

We sincerely thank all of the companies and individuals that have helped shaped our past and promote our future.

To learn more about how we can benefit your business, contact RDS Same Day Delivery or call our facility at 212-260-5800 today.

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