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Larry Zogby has always known how to make his dreams a reality. Early in his career, Larry developed a passion for business as he managed a popular five-star restaurant in historic Bay Ridge. Combining his hands-on experience with a valuable academic foundation, Larry earned a B.A. degree in Finance and Management from the College of Staten Island. After graduating in 1986, Larry purchased RDS Same Day Delivery Service from his father Mitchell Zogby Jr., who bought the business in 1973.

For over 30 years, Larry has taken the family business under his wing to make RDS Delivery a recognized and premier courier service company. As a native New Yorker, Larry relied on his roots to develop the most comprehensive and professional delivery network in the New York metropolitan and tri-state area.

RDS Same Day Delivery is privileged to continually expand its reach and serve a wide range of industries. The company’s staying power and perpetual growth allow RDS to serve new customers and cultivate long-term client relationships. Television, radio and cable personalities alike have deemed our company an industry leader and have reached out to our management for professional input, endorsements, and promotional features that showcase the messenger industry.

Larry Zogby’s dedication has given his company a competitive edge—and a magical touch! Outside of work, Larry is an accomplished magician who has used his talents to bring laughter and joy to hospitals and charitable events. He shares his compassionate and energetic spirit with legendary magician and RDS client David Copperfield, who instills hope and comfort in the hearts of the disabled through his own Project Magic. In addition to his volunteer efforts, Larry has performed for an impressive roster of notables, including key players from the New York Mets and actors Chazz Palminteri—and Cher.

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