Payment Method

Know Exactly How You’re Paying

Before you open an account, please select your preferred method of payment. You can choose from two different options to pick the plan that’s right for you.

Follow the links below to get started. You can also tell us how you would like to receive your invoices and proof of deliveries. If you prefer email, simply provide us with your email address. Or, to receive your invoices in the mail, select US Postal.

RDS EZ Pay: Have Your Bi-Monthly Invoices Billed to Your Credit Card Automatically

Looking for the easiest payment option? Look no further than RDS EZ Pay! When you choose this option, we’ll charge directly to your credit card on a bi-monthly basis. This puts you on a routine payment schedule and keeps your account up to date.

Don’t worry about a minimum fee or additional charges. You are only charged for the service you use—and not a penny more!

Twice per month, RDS Same Day Delivery will provide you with a detailed invoice listing all of your activity for the billing period.

Payment by Check Application

Fill out our online application to submit your payment information and pay by check.

We invoice semi-monthly and payment is required within 15 days. This application requires that a current credit card be kept on file. If payment isn’t received within 40 days of the invoice date, your credit card will be charged for the total amount due. When you don’t pay in a timely fashion, you could forfeit any discount pricing!

Credit Card Authorization Form

Pick the Plan for You With RDS Same Day Delivery

Once you choose a payment method, you can open an account to enjoy ultimate control over all of your deliveries.

To inquire further about our payment options, fill out our online form or call RDS Same Day Delivery at 212.260.5800.

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