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Get Business Blooming This Mother’s Day

Make It a Happy Occasion for Your Customers

There are 365 days in the year—and only one Mother’s Day. This makes the holiday special for people…but stressful for businesses. Customers need everything to go according to plan. And they’re counting on you to make it happen.

Providing same day courier services in New York City, RDS Same Day Delivery is here to help your business this Mother’s Day. Putting our skills to good use, we’ll make sure this special day goes smoothly for both you and your customers.

We’ll Handle Those Last-Minute Requests

It happens every year. People either forget that it’s Mother’s Day or they procrastinate and wait until the last minute to place an order. While this can easily cause a lot of stress, there’s no need to panic or turn away business. RDS has the tools and resources to manage your same day deliveries with ease and efficiency.

RDS maintains a 98.7 percent on-time delivery rate because we:

  • Train our couriers to seamlessly navigate the city streets.
  • Use the most advanced technology to determine the fastest route to your customers.
  • Equip our couriers and drivers with company uniforms to quickly navigate security clearances.

See more reasons why customers choose RDS, here.

Specific Demands? Not a Problem!

Since Mother’s Day only comes once a year, customers want their gifts to be just right. No time for questions and pushbacks: They expect you to meet their demands—and meet them well.

At RDS, we make your customers’ concerns our own. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach never works in our industry. That’s why we tailor our services to each individual client. When you don’t have time to delve into the details, we’ll quickly gather what we need and be on our way. Specific demands can easily cause delays if you’re working with an inexperienced delivery company. But when you partner with RDS, you’ll be working with experienced couriers who know how to meet tight deadlines.

Some Ideas to Share With Customers

If your customers are looking for some guidance, here’s what you can tell them to make Mother’s Day extra special:

  • Ditch the distractions. Presents are great. But the greatest gift of all is actually being present. Put the cellphones away and spend some quality time together.
  • Support a cause you both care about. With the weather getting warmer, there are plenty of events and charities looking for volunteers. Spend time with Mom and give back at the same time!
  • Cater to her. Mothers are selfless and sacrifice so much for their children. Whatever your mother likes—whether it’s the spa or the movies—make the day all about her.

Stay Ahead of Schedule With RDS Same Day Delivery

Businesses can’t anticipate everything, especially during a holiday rush. That’s why our messenger company in NYC lends a helping hand to local businesses in need. When your customers expect fast and timely deliveries, RDS will become an extension of your team to ensure a positive outcome for all.

Get a quote for your delivery today. To learn more about our delivery services or to speak with a representative, call RDS Same Day Delivery at 212.260.5800 or contact us online.

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