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Help RDS Celebrate National Van Driver Appreciation Month

Show Your Driver Some Love!

At RDS Same Day Delivery, we take our jobs seriously. But this doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun—because we do! In fact, we get the most enjoyment out of the special relationships we share with our loyal clients. We’ve worked hard over the years to build trusting, cordial bonds with our customers. And we think the reason we’ve remained New York’s No. 1 courier service is because of our positive people interactions. Our drivers are perfect examples. They are reliable, trustworthy and extremely personable. They care about what they do—and who they do it for.

As the month of September unfolds, RDS celebrates our drivers’ commitment and loyalty. And we invite you to celebrate, too. After all, September is National Van Driver Appreciation Month and Sept. 9-15 is National Van Driver Appreciation Week. So, there is no better time than right now to show your RDS driver some love.

Want to throw some affection in our direction this month? Here are several ways you can show appreciation to your RDS driver—and other professional truck drivers.

Six Ways to Thank Your Driver

  1. Write a thank you note. Saying thanks is never overrated, but putting it in writing is extra special. A heartfelt personal note can make your driver’s day.
  2. Offer up a snack. Our drivers work up appetites as they scurry around the city serving customers. A tasty snack could be just what your driver needs to refuel.
  3. Provide a drink. A beverage is always appreciated—especially something cold on hot days or a warm cup of joe once the temperatures dip. Say thanks by giving your driver a refreshing drink!
  4. Give free swag. Does your business have promotional items? If you think it’s something your driver could use, offer it!
  5. Give a shout out on the radio. Call in to your local radio station during the week of Sept. 9-12 and mention how much you appreciate your driver.
  6. Hashtag it. Mention your driver on social media and give him or her some props with a hashtag!

We Deliver Solutions Every Day

When you do business in the city, things can get hectic. This is why RDS Same Day Delivery is your seamless solution for any delivery services your business may need. We have the latest technology and the logistics to make sure all of your specialized delivery requirements are met. From messenger, van, truck and freight, and even specialized deliveries in the medical, retail, fashion and advertising fields, you can rest easy knowing your packages are in good hands. Give us a call today at 212.260.5800!

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