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Learn Best Practices for Delivery Service

Educating Clients Helps Us Improve Relationships!

When loyal clients trust the RDS team with their deliveries, we take our responsibility seriously. Partnering with us, you get more than a service—you get a relationship. That’s why we enjoy educating clients about how they can best take advantage of our offerings and options.

For example, on Nov. 14 we held a “Lunch and Learn” seminar (catered by Neuman’s Kitchen) to inform a treasured, longtime client about ways to streamline their delivery services and logistics. Here’s a recap of these best practices we presented, so that all of our customers can benefit and enjoy peace of mind.

  1. We can act quickly. At RDS, we offer flexible and convenient delivery times. From prescheduled rotes to normal turnaround time to same day service and rush delivery—we’ve got you covered. When orders are submitted the day before a delivery, our vehicles can do pickups early the next morning. Most times, orders placed between 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. still can be picked up and distributed that same day, too! We will work within your schedule.
  2. Reduce data entry errors. We provide a customized spreadsheet template for customers to place orders (find it in our customer portal). When you need to schedule multiple deliveries at the same time, this is much more efficient than entering each order individually. It also reduces data entry errors. This process saves you time and speeds up transaction time for the entire supply chain—from the moment the order is received to the actual time when the package is delivered. 
  3. Use online ordering and tracking. Placing orders through our online portal (instead of relying on email) speeds up response time because dispatchers can jump into action immediately.
  4. Understand the package-handling process. With RDS as your delivery service, you can breathe easy knowing your package is in safe hands. In the ideal scenario, your RDS courier delivers your package directly to the recipient. Some buildings, however, require us to deliver to a messenger center, and then internal couriers take it to the reception area of the recipient’s business. Security protocols and rules like these can delay the final delivery. Rest assured that when we deliver perishables or alcohol, the RDS courier always relays the package personally to the recipient.
  5. Carefully consider your packaging. We take precautions to ensure all your packages are handled carefully during deliveries, so feel free to inform us of any special concerns or requirements. Keep in mind that your package gets handled and moved many times during a delivery, which can affect its aesthetic value. Choose sturdy packaging that will stay looking nice while also protecting fragile items. Packages that are delicate might be safer inside of a vehicle than in a foot messenger’s bag, so please share this information so we can accommodate your needs.
  6. Communicate with your account manager. Contact your account manager when you require special needs or when an emergency arises. We can help coordinate special events, accommodate delivery of fragile or delicate items, and offer additional support for challenging deliveries. We are here for you! Just let us know what you need.
  7. Get familiar with our online tools and customer portal. Our online customer portal was designed specifically for you—our customer. You’ll find everything you need there from your account info, online shipping and tracking, payment info, online tools and so much more.

We Are Here for Our Customers!

By the time our Lunch and Learn seminar concluded, we were pleased to learn that our client was enlightened about ways to fully utilize our services. They reported:

“Justin and Hosaam of RDS did a wonderful job! Our staff walked away feeling like they have a newfound sense of understanding as far as RDS Same Day Delivery Service is concerned. We certainly have created a strong foundation with which to move forward and I thank them all for being so open and accommodating to our needs.”

As you transition into the new year, we encourage you to consider whether RDS Same Day Delivery can do more to support your delivery needs. We offer a wide array of services and technologies for delivery that can boost your business in 2020! If you have questions about how we can help, we invite you to request a Lunch and Learn or meeting to discuss your delivery needs, challenges and opportunities. Give us a call, and we will decide together what would be most helpful for you.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in the New Year!

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