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Ring! Ring! Time for Administrative Professionals Day

Impress Your Customers (and Your Employees) This Upcoming Holiday

Administrative workers are the unsung heroes of businesses. Without them, your business’s efficiency and organization would crumble quickly. From answering the phones to managing projects and organizing invoices, administrative professionals wear many different hats in the workplace. So it’s no wonder why we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day each year.

On April 26th, businesses will celebrate this holiday in different ways. If your customers need fast, reliable delivery service to show appreciation for their employees, count on RDS to make it happen. Providing the city’s fastest NYC messenger service, our couriers will deliver your inventory on time—every time.

In addition to gaining business on Administrative Professionals Day, you can give back, too! Consider thanking your own employees for their service and making this occasion a special day for them.

Think Outside the Box

Why celebrate in black and white when you can do it in color?

Here are just a few ways you can show appreciation to your hardworking employees:

  • Flowers galore. Nothing screams color like a fresh bouquet of flowers! Special deliveries like these are a great way to put smiles on faces and show you care.
  • Lunch on the company. Your employees eat lunch every day—so why not cover the check for once? Treat your workers to a free lunch and enjoy some casual conversation over great food.
  • Give them a break. This means more than the typical half-hour lunch. Flip the tables for the afternoon and cover the administrative tasks. It’s a wonderful way to give back while simultaneously showing your employees that you understand—and appreciate—everything they do.
  • Personalized gifts. Shirts, bags, gift baskets…the options are endless. Regardless of what you choose, a personalized touch is priceless.

To keep the celebration going, you can also make positive, long-term changes in the office. Consider starting a “Professional of the Month” contest where you acknowledge and reward your most hardworking employees. It not only motivates people, but it also demonstrates your effort to offer a positive, fulfilling work environment. And as we all know, successful employees lead to successful businesses.

Get the Job Done With RDS Same Day Delivery

Are you expecting an influx of delivery orders this upcoming holiday? Let our experts do the heavy lifting for you! From floral shops to bakeries and everything in between, we serve a wide range of clientele and we specialize in time-sensitive deliveries. We also use refrigerated vehicles to keep your perishables fresh and ready for customers to enjoy.

Trust RDS to deliver your packages intact, on target and on schedule. We’ll treat your customers as our own and work our magic to navigate the city streets. And with an on-time delivery rate of 98.7 percent, we’re proud to work faster than the other courier companies in New York City.

Get a quote for your delivery today. To learn more about our services or to speak with one of our representatives, call RDS Same Day Delivery at 212.260.5800 or connect with us online.

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