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Survival Tips for NYC’s Fashion Week

Hint: Let RDS Same Day Service Be Your Guide

There is no denying the fact that New York City is always bustling. So, when September’s annual Fashion Week rolls around, the craziness only turns crazier. If your business is involved in this year’s upcoming event, RDS Same Day Delivery can help. From quick delivery to logistics, we know plenty of inside secrets that’ll soothe your last-minute worries and keep you sane.

The statistics for Fashion Week can be astounding. Last year, for instance, 125,000 people watched the event in person, while 2 million others live streamed the show from the comfort of their own devices. With that many people watching, you can’t afford to make mistakes—which is exactly where RDS Same Day Delivery comes in. Our specialized delivery services can help during this fast-paced, deadline-driven fashion event.

Here’s how you can survive New York City Fashion Week 2018:

  • Rest. This year, Fashion Week is a nine-day event. So, the most helpful thing you can do prior to the event is rest up!
  • Organize your itinerary and book hotels. The week is a flurry of activities. Save yourself some stress by mapping out your calendar and booking your hotel room ahead of time.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Standing around and waiting is a staple of Fashion Week. Be sure your shoes are extra comfy. Consider carrying some gel inserts with you—just in case you need backup.
  • Stay hydrated. Keep your bag stocked with plenty of water bottles. There will be crowds and more crowds. Finding time to hit the store for drinks isn’t always an option. Plus, it can get pricey. Carrying water with you will save time, money and keep you hydrated.
  • Stock up on snacks. In the same vein, it’s a smart idea to stuff your bag with some fruit or simple snacks—just in case those hunger pains hit when you can’t leave your space.

Reliable, Easy Solutions? We’ve Got ’Em

Now that you know how to prepare yourself, what about those last-minute deliveries that might pop up and cause you angst? Don’t fret. This is the norm during Fashion Week. But when you partner with RDS Same Day Delivery, those worries are easily set aside. Turn to us for the following:

Rent-a-Messenger Program

If chaos ensues—as it has a way of doing during Fashion Week—and your clients need an extra set of hands carting retail across town—we’ve got your back. Our Rent-a-Messenger Program offers professionals who work hand-in-hand with your staff and follow your specific instructions so there is never any reason to worry about your deliveries.

White Glove Service

There are times when certain deliveries need specialize attention. Perhaps you need items delivered to a specific room or to a certain area within the Fashion Week showroom. Say no more. Our White Glove Service follows your instructions to the letter to guarantee that your items arrive to your satisfaction. RDS can even unpack and assemble your deliveries if you’d like.

Schedule Service With RDS Today!

Need help? For details on our Rent-a-Messenger Program or our White Glove Service, fill out our online form today or give us a call at 212.260.5800.

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