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The Best Rx for Medical Delivery Service is RDS

Learn How Uniforms, Technology & Specialized Training Make Us the Right Choice

When it comes to running a successful business, you simply can’t do it without a deep level of trust between your company and your partners. At RDS, we know that the trust factor we share with our clients, our employees and the community is what elevates us to the top in our industry. Trust is something that is earned—and we’ve worked hard through the years to gain it.

One area of our business that requires this superior trust is medical deliveries. When doctors’ offices, hospitals and medical facilities need specialized, confidential deliveries completed quickly and efficiently, they call on our trained couriers to do the job.

Here’s why RDS is the experienced choice for these moments.

Medical deliveries are highly delicate matters. If you’ve ever needed one delivered across town, you want 100% assurance that your specimen or test results are going to arrive (a) on time (b) safely and (c) intact.

This is where RDS comes in. Clients rely on our skilled and confidential messenger service for their medical priorities because our team offers professional service throughout the entire supply chain—from the pick-up stage all the way through to delivery.

Here are three critical reasons our clients put their trust in our hands.


We pride ourselves in top-of-the line technology. All of our medical couriers have smartphones with apps that scan packages to keep track of deliveries. Each courier has the ability to upload pickup times, delivery times, photos of samples, medical boxes and any other necessary details to a centralized portal—as needed and customized for every job. From this portal, clients can access their information in real time. GPS tracking also is utilized on all RDS vehicles, so you are never left wondering where your package—or your driver—is.


The RDS branded green uniforms and professionally wrapped trucks showcase our street credibility. Our professional look installs trust and confidence in our brand. We know when our clients see a green RDS uniform or truck, they quickly connect our brand to thoughts of confidence, reliability and trust.

Specially Trained Employees

RDS employees—especially our medical couriers—go through a rigorous cycle of training sessions before hitting the streets as drivers and messengers. From background checks, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) best practices, biohazard training, proper specimen handling, medical procedures and regulations, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) certification and more, our employees are educated in compassionate care training—all so they can transport medical information in the safest manner possible.

We handle a wide variety of unique specimens during delivery, including:

  • Infectious specimens
  • Tissue transports
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical records
  • Medical equipment
  • Test results
  • … And so much more!

Some specimens must be kept at certain temperatures during transport. We pack them in dry ice and also use medical totes and protective gear to ensure their integrity.

Try Our Medical Delivery Services Today!

Experience and professionalism go a long way toward a successful business partnership. When it comes to your sensitive and confidential medical deliveries, take solace knowing you can rely on our same day delivery specialists to provide flawless deliveries—each and every time. Learn more here.

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