fashion week stylish same day delivery

Fashion Week Just Got More Stylish with Same-Day Delivery!

Fashion Week Just Got Easier!

Fashion week just got more stylish with same-day delivery! A lot is going on in fashion, more than just runways! New York City will be the destination for international brands wanting to connect to the city’s culture from Feb 10 to Feb 15 this year!

Are you feeling the pressure to meet your client’s expectations?

Fashion Week Just Got More Stylish With Same-Day Delivery:

• Exclusive Fashion Week Delivery Services you don’t want to miss.

• Logistics & Warehousing Support you need to ensure your business runs smoothly so you can stand out on the runway.

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Rocking New Uniforms for Spring 2023!

fashion week stylish same day delivery
valentines day same day delivery

Valentine’s Day & Same-Day Delivery, a Perfect Match!

Valentine’s day is a special day to take a moment and appreciate your

loved ones, friends, clients, and so many more…

Here’s to building strong relationships based on friendship, admiration,

and appreciation!

This day is fast approaching, and you’re looking for the perfect gift, whether it’s flowers, a box of chocolates, or a delicious batch of cupcakes.

Let us help you make this a special day to remember, for your loved ones and for you too!

#ValentinesDayAppreciation #ValentinesDaySpecial

Meet & Greets at it’s Finest!

CEO Zogby, is always excited to meet and greet clients, prospective customers, networking & strategic partners, community leaders, government city agencies and so many more!

He values the opportunity to have conversations and share insights around transportation, delivery, logistics and the fun culture at RDS!

Shining RDS Team Member, Diana Cruz

This month, we’re focusing our Spotlight on Diana Cruz, Executive Assistant to Larry Zogby.

What makes RDS the “complete package” for you?
At RDS you do not only have a team you also have a family we are all always willing to support and help each other in every way possible and it begins with Larry he truly cares about his employees he makes sure to have constant communications with everyone and always makes you feel valued and ensures you learn and grow. To me, that’s the best experience you can have at a workplace.

How does RDS “deliver the goods” to make your life easier or fun at work?
Our phone system not only allows us to receive calls from our customers but we can also quickly dial the extension to anyone in the team and either call or message and we can even create group chats to ensure we stay communicated during the day. This makes it easier to share important information to our team and get help if needed.

How do you “deliver the goods” to make RDS’ customers happy?
In the past couple of years I’ve helped onboard and train our customer service reps, created helpful manuals with important information to keep handy when assisting our customers, I also try to have constant calls with our reps to make sure they are comfortable and if needed provide extra support or share helpful tips for them to provide an excellent service.

When you’re not at work, what “transports” and fulfills you?
I love spending time with my family watching movies or just talking with my son or dancing and singing with my daughters while cooking.

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